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Proving at Lac-Human um obtain from my milk and comparison study with others versions  of Lac Human um

            In general it says about Lac Human um that is a remedy obtain from the milk of a single mother who are in very good relationship with her child. Being in nursing period ( five month ) and because my little baby refused my breast and for this reason my milk secretion diminished rapidly, I had an idea to make  a remedy from my milk, not only for remember but for study if indifferent from the source of obtain, remedy Lac Human um manifest the same, that is obtain the same symptoms. I raised up to 30 CH potency after that I gave to Plant Extrakt Cluj to raise up to 200CH. Meanwhile, I  got two versions from Lac Human um, one version from Switzerland and other version from Italy, only in 30 and 200 CH. I have distributed to provers, trying to have equal lots of participants, but, unfortunately there weren't many interested people and from those not all kept their promise.

            The essence of this remedy ( by Sankaran ) may be taken to Ego definite, it search always to touch an equilibrium between survive in a human group, without lost of identity and focusing about process of individualization. Group versus Oneself that is the theme of this remedy.

            Studying the notebooks of the provers and compare with existent literature referring at this remedy,  I drew a conclusion that, indifferent by souse of remedy or potency, the information of Lac Human um is universal valid. Also I observed that it has a regenerating role at all the levels and immune stimulating role especially by neutro-cells line and regulate of Ig.E with anti -allergic role.